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It was this time last year [December 2009] that the George Samuel Reid Family Roots blog was conceived.

Twelve months later we are pleased to report that more than 10,000 visitors have viewed one or more of the 181 pages and 5 posts.  Nearly fifty of those visitors, many of whom we have discovered are distant relatives, were kind enough to leave a comment.

Others who have discovered the site have benefited from the reference materials organized by surname or location that are published directly on the blog.  Many more have followed one of the hundreds of links to outside reference sources.  Regardless of whether our visitors have been drawn here due to their connection to the family or just by good old fashioned curiosity, we hope that all who have come have been rewarded in some way for their time spent clicking through the pages of our past.

We are pleased to report that the pages dedicated to George and LaVon Reid are among the most popular of this blog.  Following close behind is the page related to our DNA research.  Thousands of our visitors have been intrigued by what we now know about our most distant ancestors that scientists report can be traced back to the origin of man over 10,000 years ago.  It is a humbling thought to consider that we really do connect to those who came before us so many years ago.

We have great hopes for the site in the coming year.  As this blog gains notoriety in web search engines and by other means of referral, we hope that many future visitors will find their way to us, and in turn, find a connection to their past that they have been searching for.  And even if no direct family link is discovered, we hope that the content of the site will be beneficial in some other way.

Speaking of content, as time and resource permit, we will continue to add content and context to the hundreds of pages of the blog.  As always, any of our visitors are welcome to contribute to this ever expanding reference tool.  It is a special place wherein we hope George and LaVon will continue to rank foremost among the principal interests, for their lives and legacy continue to be one of our primary sources of inspiration.

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