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DNA Test Results

We are excited to report that the Reid DNA test results are finally available!  In a word, they are fascinating.  As its turns out, our heritage links to the E1b1b1a2 Haplogroup, a somewhat rare and distinctive group with its origin some 18,000 years ago in northeastern Africa, and migration thereafter traced to Mediterranean and European countries.

E1b1b1a Haplogroup Distribution

Testing was performed by FamilyTreeDNA.com, a highly accredited genealogy research organization with nearly 300,000 participants who have submitted DNA for analysis and comparison.

While the haplgroup designation is enlightening, the power of the DNA testing for our ancestral search is what is most compelling.  Already we have connected with two previously unknown Reid/Reed family members who we are certain share a common ancestor.  Certainly, there will be more connections made as others submit their DNA for testing.

Check back often for updates on this exciting technology and the specific results of our new found connections with distant relatives.

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